Our Immediate Family

Dan     Noah     Dana     Gracey     Kailen     Ryan     Kaci     Bob Jr     Kelly
Peggy             Rory               Bob Sr

Bob Sr.

The father figure of the family, Bob has worked his entire career in various areas of health care data processing and customer service. He currently works for Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program, a chemical dependency treatment center in Newark, Ohio.  He likes watching TV, anything about Corvettes, oldies music and visiting with his grandchildren.


The mother figure, Peggy spent many years raising our three boys. She is now retired. She enjoys music, spending time with our grandchildren and sleeping. It took many years, but Bob Sr. finally converted her to a couch potato after all the boys had moved out. Peggy enjoys trying to psychoanalyze EVERYTHING (but she always puts a smile on all of our faces)!

Bob Jr.

Son number 1, Bob, known as "BJ" to the family, is the father of our favorite first granddaughter, Kelly. He has also been known as "Obscure Pop Culture Boy". He likes comics, all music but especially Toad the Wet Sprocket and Guster. He also likes texting and spending time on the Internet.  

BJ lives in Cleveland and he works at the store at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the perfect place for a guy that loves music.

Kelly is a junior at Kent State, majoring in nursing.



Ry, the middle son, has been known to some in the family as "Spontaneous Boy".  Ryan wants to be a writer and has written some articles, stories and books.  He really likes to learn and has continued his education throughout the years.  He received Psychology and English degrees from Ohio State, then a Master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from Indiana University, then a Master's Degree in English with an Emphasis in Teaching Writing from Humboldt State University in California and he is currently enrolled in another Master's Program at San Diego State University.

Ryan and his wife, Kaci, currently live near San Diego, California, with their two boys, Rory and Kailen. To learn more about Ryan and Kaci, visit Ryan's Home Page.


The youngest son, Dan is a graduate of Syracuse University where he got a degree in Communications. His college radio name was "Danny Force - The Excitable Boy" and he was Otto the Orange (the Syracuse University mascot) for 1-1/2 years.  He spent some time working in the television industry in Syracuse and with MSNBC, before checking out the priesthood and deciding on a career in law.

Dan and his wife, Dana, live in Columbus, Ohio with their son, Noah, and daughter, Gracey.  Dan is an attorney.