Pets through the years

When Peggy and Bob first got married and lived in Angola, Indiana, they got Fluffy, a cute floppy-eared rabbit. Heads used to turn when Bob took Fluffy for walks on a leash down the street.

Right at the time we bought our first house, we got our first dog, Ralph. I thought the name was fun because it was a female. Unfortunately, Ralph ripped the cedar shingles off of about 4' across the back of our house. We had to get rid of her when she did it the second time.

In a little over a year after we got rid of Ralph, Peggy surprised Bob with Mo, the runt of a litter - Mo was a fantastic dog that was with us from 1974 - 1992

While in St. Louis, we tried getting a second dog (Louie) - Unfortunately, Mo was pretty much set in his ways and did not let the newcomer get comfortable - We had to get rid of him after just a short time

Then we had Regis - We really just were foster parents and Regis moved to another home when we found the right parents

In January 2001, Sandy joined our family - she is a lab mix. As you can see, she really makes herself at home. In the last picture, she is anxiously awaiting the repair of one of her stuffed toys.

In November of 2004, Bob and Peggy got Jack, a small Shepherd mix. Jack was a rescue through the Humane Society of Ashtabula. Jack and Sandy get along great together.