Favorite Family Recipes

  • Bologna (Kelly's Recipe)
  • Biscuit Pizza
  • Blue Cheese Dip
  • Carrot Bread
  • Cheese Strata
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Christmas Butter Cookies
  • Cocktail Meatballs
  • Easy Onion Soup
  • Frozen Pudding Sandwich
  • Fruit Flavor Pops
  • Granola Crisp Cookies
  • Grunt Balls
  • Ham'n Swiss Biscuits
  • Herb Breadsticks
  • Ice Cream Pie
  • Jelly Omlet
  • Make Ahead Salad
  • Mayonnaise Cake
  • Nut Bread
  • Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Swirl Bars
  • Pepsi Roast
  • Pickles - Sweet Crisp
  • Pickles - 24 Hour
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Whiskey Sours
  • GRUNT BALLS(Named by Dan when he was young)

    1 cup sugar
    1 cup Karo (light)
    1-1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter
    Heat mixture until sugar is dissolved.
    Add in 6 cups of Corn Flakes and 1 cup of chocolate chips.
    Drop by teaspoon on wax paper.
    Makes about 80. Keep cool.


    CARROT BREAD (From Bob Sr's Grandma B)

    Mix 1 cup sugar and 2/3 cup oil.
    Add in:

    • 2 eggs
    • 1-1/2 cup flour
    • 1 teaspoon baking soda
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    • 2 small carrot baby food or 1 Junior Carrot
    • 1/4 cup chopped nuts is optional

    Bake at 350 for 55 minutes.


    HERB BREADSTICKS (Great for cocktail parties)

    • 8 Hot dog buns
    • 1 stick margarine (softened)
    • 1 teaspoon dried basil
    • 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
    • 1/4 teaspoon parsley flakes

    Mix seasonings with margarine. Split buns lengthwise. Spread mixture on cut surfaces. Put in pre-heated 300 oven for 45-60 minutes until slightly browned. (Better to overbake than underbake - but not too much over).

    Makes 32 sticks.



    • 1/2 cup butter (or margarine)
    • 1/3 cup peanut butter
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 1/2 cup brown sugar (firmly packed)
    • 1 unbeaten egg
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • 1-3/4 cups flour
    • 1 teaspoon baking soda
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • Chocolate candy kisses

    Mix and cream together butter, peanut butter, sugar, brown sugar, egg and vanilla. Mix well then blend in flour, baking soda and salt sifted together. Mix thoroughly. Shape dough into balls, using rounded teaspoonful for each. Roll balls in sugar and place on cookie sheet. Bake 8 minutes at 375 degrees. Remove from oven; top each cookie with a candy kiss, pressing down firmly so cookie cracks around the edge. Bake again for 2 to 3 minutes.

    Makes 3 dozen.


    SWEET CRISP PICKLES (Another Grandma B favorite)

    1 quart whole dill pickles. Slice and drain brine. Save 1/4 cup brine and add 1/4 cup vinegar and 2 cups sugar. Stir into sliced pickles.

    Stir every day until sugar dissolves (4-5 days).

    Then put in refrigerator for about 2 weeks.



    • 1 cup butter or margarine, softened
    • 2 cups all purpose flour
    • 1/2 cup sugar

    Heat oven to 350. Mix thoroughly all ingredients. Roll dough 1/4" thick on lightly floured cloth-covered board.

    Cut with cookie cutters or into 1 1/2" circles.

    Place on un-greased baking pan. Bake 10 to 12 minutes. Can sprinkle with colored sugar or ?

    Makes about 8 dozen cookies.


    BLUE CHEESE DIP (This was one of Grandma Ryan's favorites)

    • 8 oz. cream cheese
    • 4 oz. crumbled blue cheese
    • 1-2 onions
    • Milk

    Chop onions. Mix cream cheese, blue cheese and onions together. Add milk to desired consistency.

    Serve with Ritz crackers, celery, chips, or wheat or rye bread.



    • 1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
    • 1/2 cup shortening
    • 1-1/2 cups sugar
    • 2 eggs
    • 2-3/4 cups all purpose flour
    • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar
    • 1 teaspoon soda
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 2 tablespoons sugar
    • 2 teaspoons cinnamon

    Heat oven to 400. Mix thoroughly butter, shortening, 1-1/2 cups sugar and the eggs. Blend in flour, cream of tartar, soda and salt. Shape the dough by rounded teaspoons into balls.

    Mix 2 tablespoons sugar and the cinnamon; roll balls in mixture. Place 2 inches apart on un-greased baking sheet. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until set. Immediately remove from baking sheet.

    Makes about 6 dozen cookies.



    • 1 pound ground beef
    • 1/2 cup dry breadcrumbs
    • 1/3 cup minced onion
    • 1/4 cup milk
    • 1 egg
    • 1 tablespoon snipped parsley
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
    • 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
    • 1/4 cup shortening
    • 1 bottle (12 ounces) chili sauce
    • 1 jar (10 ounces) grape jelly

    Mix ground beef, bread crumbs, onion, milk, egg, parsley, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce; gently shape into 1" balls.

    Melt shortening in large skillet; brown meatballs. Remove meatballs from skillet; pour off fat. Heat chili sauce and jelly in skillet, stirring constantly, until jelly is melted. Add meatballs and stir until thoroughly coated. Simmer uncovered for 30 minutes.

    Makes about 5 dozen.



    Hopefully, you didn't try this before we remembered the missing cinnamon on 12/6/98. If you did, try it again the right way. Sorry.......

    • 2-1/2 cups all purpose flour
    • 1 cup sugar
    • 3-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 3 tablespoons salad oil
    • 1-1/4 cups milk
    • 1 egg
    • 1 cup finely chopped nuts
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

    Heat oven to 350. Grease and flour 9"x5"x3" loaf pan or two 8-1/2"x4-1/2"x2-1/2" loaf pans. Measure all ingredients into large mixer bowl; beat on medium speed 1/2 minute, scraping side and bottom of bowl constantly.

    Pour into pan(s). Bake 55 to 65 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Remove from pan; cool thoroughly before slicing.



    • 2-1/4 cups all purpose flour
    • 1 teaspoon baking soda
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
    • 3/4 cup sugar
    • 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 2 eggs
    • 2 cups (12 ounces) semi sweet chocolate chips

    Pre-heat oven to 375. In small bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt; set aside.

    In large mixing bowl, beat butter, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract until creamy. Beat in eggs. Gradually add flour mixture. Stir in semi-sweet chocolate morsels.

    Drop by rounded measuring teaspoonfuls onto un-greased cookie sheets. Bake 9-11 minutes.

    Makes about 5 dozen cookies.


    BISCUIT PIZZA (From Peggy's sister, Mary K. Miller)

    Pre-heat oven to 375.

    Grease 12" pizza pan or 9"X13" pan.

    Brown 1 pound of ground beef in fry pan. Stir in 10-1/2 ounce can of pizza sauce.

    Cook over low heat until bubbly; remove from heat. Separate 2 cans of biscuits into 20 biscuits. Arrange in pan; press over bottom and sides to form crust.

    Spoon hot mixture into crust, spreading evenly. Add other toppings as desired. Sprinkle with shredded mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

    Bake 15-20 minutes until crust is brown.



    • 16 slices of day old bread
    • 1 pound sharp cheddar cheese
    • 1 large onion, finely chopped
    • 1/2 pound bacon, cooked and crumbled (or ham or ?)
    • 6 eggs
    • 3 cups milk
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1 teaspoon dry mustard
    • 1/4 cup paprika
    • 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
    • 1/4 pound butter, melted
    • Optional: 1/2 pound whole fresh mushrooms

    The day before, butter a 2-quart casserole or souffle dish. Remove crusts from bread and cut into 1/2" cubes. Divide cheese, bread, onion and bacon into three portions. Layer the casserole with 1/3 of the bread, then cheese, onion and bacon. Repeat two more times. Beat the eggs with milk and all the seasonings. Pour this all over bread and cheese mixture.

    Pour melted butter over the top. Cover casserole and refrigerate overnight.

    About 45 minutes before baking, remove casserole from refrigerator. Pre-heat oven to 350. Arrange mushrooms on top if you are using them. Place the casserole in a pan of water and bake uncovered for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Serve immediately.

    Makes 8 servings.



    • 1 package (4-serving size) JELL-O Vanilla or Chocolate Instant Pudding & Pie Filling
    • 1-1/2 cups cold milk
    • 1-1/2 cups creamy peanut butter
    • 24 Graham Crackers

    Gradually add milk to peanut butter, blending until smooth. Add pudding mix; beat slowly with rotary beater or at lowest speed of electric mixer until well blended - about 2 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes. Spread filling about 1/2" thick on 12 crackers. Top with remaining crackers, pressing lightly. Smooth edges with spatula. Freeze until firm - about 3 hours.

    Makes 12 sandwiches.



    • 1 package (4-serving size) JELL-O Gelatin (any flavor)
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 2 cups boiling water
    • 2 cups cold water

    Dissolve gelatin and sugar in boiling water. Add cold water. Pour into small paper cups. Freeze until almost firm - about 2 hours. Insert wooden popsicle sticks. Freeze until firm - at least 8 hours or overnight.

    Makes 4 cups or about 18 small paper cups



    • 6-3/4 ounce can of Tender Chunk Ham
    • 1 teaspoon instant minced onion
    • 1 teaspoon poppy seed (optional)
    • 2 tablespoons margarine or butter, softened
    • 2 teaspoons prepared mustard
    • 10 ounce can Hungry Jack Refrigerated Big Flaky Biscuits (or Grands)
    • 5 (4"x4") natural Swiss cheese slices

    Pre-heat oven to 375. Combine ham, onion, (poppy seed,) margarine and mustard; reserve about 1/2 cup. Separate dough into 10 biscuits; press 5 biscuits to 3-1/2" circles on ungreased cookie sheet. Spoon scant 1/4 cup meat mixture onto each flattened biscuit. Fold cheese slices into quarters; place on meat mixture, pressing slightly. Spoon remaining meat mixture over cheese. Press remaining 5 biscuits to 4" circles; slightly stretch each over meat mixture. Do not seal edges. (Sprinkle tops with poppy seed.) Bake at 375 for 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm.

    Makes 5 sandwiches.


    WHISKEY SOURS (A Forsythe holiday tradition for the adults)

    • 12 ounce can frozen lemonade
    • 6 ounce can frozen limeade
    • 6 to 12 ounces whiskey (depending on how strong you want them)
    • Ice

    Mix lemonade, limeade and whiskey in a blender. Drop ice cubes in blender while running until mixture reaches top of blender. Serve immediately.


    GRANOLA CRISP COOKIES (A special request of Dan's friend, Jimmy Joe Lyons)

    • 1 cup soft butter
    • 1 cup light brown sugar, packed
    • 1 cup white sugar
    • 1 tsp. vanilla
    • 2 eggs
    • 1-1/4 cups flour
    • 1 tsp. baking soda
    • 1 tsp. salt
    • 3 cups granola


    Cream butter, brown and white sugar, vanilla and eggs together until fluffy. Sift together flour, soda and salt; stir into butter mixture. Add granola and stir to blend. Drop by teaspoon onto un-greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375, 8-10 minutes. Makes 7-8 dozen cookies.


    24-Hour Pickles (A favorite of Peggy's oldest brother, Bill, and his wife, Jeanine. They use on campouts.)

    • 3 large cucumbers - sliced very thin
    • 1 large onion - sliced very thin
    • 1 cup vinegar
    • 2 cups granulated sugar
    • 2 teaspoons of salt
    • 1 teaspoon celery salt or seed
    Mix dressing well. Put cucumber slices and onion slices in bowl and pour dressing over. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours, stirring once or twice.


    Mayonnaise Cake

    • 2 cups flour
    • 1 cup mayonnaise
    • 2 teaspoons baking soda
    • 4 tablespoons cocoa
    • 1 cup sugar
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • 1 cup cold water
    Mix all with mayo and water. Bake in a 9"x13" pan at 350 degrees for 25-30 minute.



    • 2-3 eggs per serving
    • Jar of grape jelly

    Mix eggs over medium heat in frypan. As eggs begin to harden, flip over in pan. Then add desired amount of jelly to center of egg and flip over 1/2 of egg to enclose jelly in center. (This may sound gross and the color formed by the jelly and the eggs definitely looks gross but it really does taste pretty good). This is one of Bob Sr's favorites from when he was a kid.



    • 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter (or smooth
    • 1/3 cup butter or margarine, softened
    • 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
    • 12 ounces chocolate chip morsels (6 ounces is enough, though)
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 2 eggs
    • 2 teaspoons vanilla
    • 1 cup un-sifted flour
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder
    • 3/4 cup sugar

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In large bowl combine peanut butter, butter, sugar and brown sugar. Beat until creamy. Gradually beat in eggs and vanilla. Blend in flour, baking powder and salt. Spread into greased 9" x 13" baking pan. Sprinkle morsels over top. Place in oven for 3 minutes. Remove from oven and run knife through to marble chocolate. Return to oven. Bake for 30 minutes. Cool and cut. Makes 48 1" x 2" bars.


    Kelly's own recipe for a bologna snack

    • 1 Piece of Bologna
    • A little bit of mayonaise

    Take the piece of bologna. Use a knife and spread the mayonaise on the piece of bologna. Roll up the piece of bologna. And ENJOY!


    Make Ahead Salad

    • 2 Heads of lettuce - shredded
    • 1 Cup celery
    • 1/2 Cup Green Pepper strips
    • 1/2 Cup red onion - chopped
    • 1 Pound Cooked Bacon - Chopped
    • 1 10 oz frozen peas - cooked
    • 1 Cup Mayo
    • 2-3 Teaspoons of Sugar
    • 3 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese

    Spread 1/2 of the lettuce in a 9x12 pan. Layer other vegetable ingredients. Add rest of lettuce. Spread mayo carefully over top. Sprinkle with sugar, parmesan cheese and bacon. Wrap with saran wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours. Use well-dried vegatbles.


    Pepsi Roast (Something for those Pepsi lovers)

    • 1 Large beef roast, 4-5 lbs.
    • 1 pkg. dry onion soup mix
    • 1 can cream of mushroom soup (no water)
    • 1 can Pepsi

    Place roast in large, deep roasting pan. Cover top of roast with mushroom soup and sprinkle onion soup mix over the top. Pour Pepsi over all. Cook at 350 degrees for 1-2 hours, depending on size of roast. For an entire meal in one, put carrots, onions, potatoes in the bottom of pan while roasting. The Pepsi actually makes gravy, so you may want to use more Pepsi if you like more gravy.


    Easy Onion Soup (Something for those Pepsi lovers)

    • 2 - 4 Tablespoons Margarine
    • 2 - 4 Onions
    • 4 Beef Bouillon cubes
    • 4 cups water
    • 4 slices good bread
    • Swiss, Mozzarella or Parmesan cheese

    Unwrap bouillon cubes and place in hot water to dissolve. Slice onions thinly. Melt margarine in frying pan or big pot. Add onions and cook until soft. Add broth (make sure bouillon cubes are dissolved). Heat until very hot - then simmer 15 minutes more. Toast the bread. Pour soup in ovenproof bowls, place toast on top and cover with cheese. Place bowls under oven broiler for 2-3 minutes or until cheese has melted. Makes 4 servings.


    Ice Cream Pie (A great make-ahead desert)

    • ¼ cup corn syrup
    • 2 tablespoons firmly packed brown sugar
    • 3 tablespoons margarine
    • 2 ½ cups Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal
    • ¼ cup peanut butter
    • ¼ cup fudge sauce for ice cream
    • 3 tablespoons corn syrup
    • 1 quart vanilla ice cream

    1. Combine the ¼ cup corn syrup, the brown sugar and margarine in medium size saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until mixture begins to boil. Remove from heat. Add Rice Krispies cereal, stirring until well coated. Press evenly into 9-inch pie pan to form crust.

    2. Stir together peanut butter, fudge sauce and the 3 tablespoons corn syrup. Spread half the peanut butter mixture over crust. Freeze until firm.

    3. Allow ice cream to soften slightly. Spoon into frozen piecrust, spreading evenly. Freeze until firm. Let pie stand at room temperature about 10 minutes before cutting. Warm remaining peanut butter mixture and drizzle over top.