Cars owned by Bob and Peggy since they got married

Bob Sr. started "working" on cars at a very young age. And his mother probably had something to do with his love of cars based on this picture of her first car when she was a student at Purdue.

1966 Rambler American 4-door sedan

This may sound like an old lady car, but it had a 290 V8 and a 4-speed. After adding traction bars, dual glaspacks and a tach, it was quite a street machine and it got a couple of trophies at the strip. It also had a full fold-down bench seat - need I say more? This was the car that Bob taught Peggy how to drive stick with. It was also the car we used when we were first married.

1971 Cutlass S 2-door sedan

Bob & Peggy got this car right before he graduated from college when Bob Jr. was already on board. It was time to put the Rambler to rest and get a real family car.

1966 Mustang

Bob still had the itch and bought this V8 4-speed car but it needed more work than it was worth so it was quickly sold.

1972 Gremlin

Yes, we did have a Gremlin. It was purple with a V8 and a 3-speed. Bob added traction bars, headers, dual glaspacks, a tach, a competition shifter and oversize rear tires. It really woke up the neighborhood when he (or Peggy) went up the street. This picture doesn't do it justice. Hopefully, I'll find a better one somewhere in the house.

1974 Olds Cutlass Wagon

It was time once again to go family. The Gremlin made way for our first station wagon, the mark of a real family in the 70s. And by the way, we didn't always make Peggy's brother ride on the back.

1981 Olds Starfire

It was time to retire the Cutlass. Bob went once again for a little bit of power and a stick shift. This little screamer had a V6 and a 5-speed.

1978 Malibu Wagon

You will notice the years of our cars jumped around. This one replaced our 74 wagon.

1981 Olds Custom Cruiser

Still sticking with wagons, the 78 advanced to this full size wagon.

1980 Chevy Citation

This used Citation was really clean and low milage. It replaced the Starfire.

1978 Chevy Malibu 4-door sedan

Peggy inherited this (once) cherry car in 1984 right after we bought the Citation. It was free and it only had 8000 miles on it so we quickly got rid of the Citation. The Bu became Bob Jr's first car when Bob Sr. was done with it.

1986 Dodge Daytona

The Malibu was getting worn so Bob picked up this low milage 5-speed car from a friend of Peggy's. Bob Jr. then took over driving the 'Bu.

1984 Olds 98

No more wagons (at least for now). We traded Peggy's wagon in on this full size luxury type car. Peggy was even embarrassed to drive it to her work.

1987 Chevy Celebrity Wagon

We traded the 98 in on this clean little wagon.

1990 Mustang hatchback

When the Daytona reached 100,000 miles, Bob Sr. found this really clean Mustang. It was almost 2 years old and only 9,000 miles! After several years of good service, this became Ryan's car when his Mercury Lynx died. Unfortunately, on the way back to IU in 1997, Ry and a deer collided and both the Mustang and the deer lost.

1981 Chevy Citation

When the 78 Malibu was dead, Bob Sr. found this car with one of the employees at his job. It ran great but we soon discovered that the floorboard was falling out of the car (not a very safe feature).

1990 Honda Accord 4-door sedan

Now we really got rid of the last wagon to get this nice little car. This started our love of the Honda lines.

1974 Vette

Bob Sr. never lost the itch and this really showed it. A 327ci/300HP V8, T-Top, 4-speed Corvette. It was a dream come true and it was driven almost daily in the nice weather. Unfortunately, an unlicensed 15 year old kid pushed him into a wall on the freeway one morning in 1995 and fiberglass went everywhere.

1995 Honda Civic 2-door coupe

Bob Sr. got this little car when Ryan's Lynx died so we could move the 90 Mustang to him.

1976 Vette

Bob Sr. thought it was time to get another Vette. This one had a 350 V8 and a 4-speed and was in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, it was just too soon after the loss of the 74 and it lacked the fun. We found a new home for it within 6 months.

1997 Honda Accord 4-door sedan

The 90 Accord had 105,000 miles so it was time to look and this was a great lease deal.

1997 Honda Passport 4-wheel drive

When the Civic lease was up, Bob Sr. decided he wanted to try something a little bigger than the Civic so he jumped up to a 4x4 truck.

1998 Toyota Corolla 4-door sedan

When the Accord lease was up, Peggy picked out this neat little car. .

1998 Suzuki Sidekick

Bob Sr. found this used gem when the lease was up on his Passport. This 2 year old car had only 495 miles on it at the time of purchase!

2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

Peggy's lease was up on her little Corolla and she decided to get something bigger so everyone could fit in a car together, since all of the boys were in northern Ohio (at least they were for a while).

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Bob's father (reluctantly) agreed that it was time to stop driving so Bob bought this very clean low mileage car from him to replace the Sidekick. (Bob sold the Sidekick on Ebay to a guy from southern California).

1997 Pontiac Sunfire

When it was time to turn in Peggy's leased car, Bob was out of work - so we picked up this little car to hold us over.

2003 Dodge Neon

When the Sunfire was in an accident (while in the possession of one of our boys), we found this clean little car to replace it..

2006 Hyundai Sonata

When the maintenance on the Olds Intrigue was getting to be more than the car was worth, we bought this car.

1985 Corvette

I always had the thought of another Corvette in the back of my mind and then I found this 85 Vette with a 4-speed.

2013 Hyundai Accent

It was time to put the 2003 Dodge Neon to sleep so we went hunting and found this great little car.